Six-Figure Coach Business Bundle

Discover The Secrets To Earning A Six-Figure Income From Coaching!

The 5 Things Six-Figure Coaches Are Doing Differently From You!

The reason other coaches in your industry are earning six-figures and sometimes multiple six-figures aren't because they're better coaches than you. It's because they're doing things differently than you are. What do I mean?

After observing hundreds of coaches (both those who are earning multiple six and seven figure incomes) as well as those that are struggling to get coaching clients, I've observed 5 clear differences between the two groups. 

Here are the 5 things successful coaches are doing (that struggling coaches aren't).

1. Successful coaches charge what they're worth.  They aren't afraid to charge premium prices for their coaching services, and because they know how to market and position themselves they get the prices they ask for. 

2. Successful coaches almost always have their own products and programs for sale. 

Take a look at some of the most successful coaches in the Industry today......they all have some sort of products or programs that they're selling that can generate a passive income for them so that they're not always trading hours for dollars all the time.  

3.  The third thing successful coaches have is Premium Priced Coaching Packages. They have different coaching packages, each one with a premium price.

4. Successful coaches have group coaching programs. In fact, many of them have moved away completely from the one-one coaching model and now do group coaching alone. That's because group coaching leverages your time by allowing you to earn exponentially more money in the same amount of time. And clients love the group atmosphere and camaraderie of the group so it's a win-win for both parties.

5. And finally successful coaches have Client VIP Days as one of their high-end offerings. VIP days are a wonderful twist on one-one coaching that allows you to make as much in one day of coaching as you could from a week of coaching one-one...oftentimes as much as one month of conventional one-one coaching.   

So let me ask you how many of these six-figure strategies are you implementing in your coaching practice?

  • Are you charging what you're worth? Do you know how to ask for the coaching fees you want and get it?
  • Do you have your own products and programs for sale so that you don't always have to be trading hours for dollars?
  • Do you have a minimum of premium priced coaching packages that clients can choose from?
  • Do you have a group coaching program?
  • Do you offer client VIP Days?


If not, then I challenge you to rethink your business strategy and start incorporating some, if not all, of these elements into your coaching business.

"But where do I even start?" I hear you ask. "I don't know how to do any of these things." 

Introducing the Six-Figure Coaching Bundle. 

Once I saw the difference between what successful coaches do and struggling coaches do, I decided to create the Six-Figure Coaching Bundle....aimed at helping struggling coaches gain the skills necessary to become six-figure coaches. 




Here's What's Included...

Each program comes in downloadable PDF format with a manual and workbook.

Authentic Pricing Workshop

This in-depth workshop will show you to to raise your rates and start working with fun, high-end clients. 

How To Create An Irresistible Group Coaching Program And End One-One Client Burnout. 

A group coaching program that will allow you to work once and get paid multiple times. Not only that, but you’ll be able to reach—and help—more people in a single course then you could with an entire career of one-to-one sessions.

If you truly love to help people succeed (and I know you do!) then this is the best way to make it happen. This course will show you exactly how to create, launch and run your very own group signature coaching program. 

Stop Trading Hours For Dollars By Creating Your Own Hot-Selling Programs

Passive income is the name of the game if you want to be able to make more money whilst working less hours. 

This step-by-step program will take you all the way from choosing a winning idea, designing and creating your program to finally launching your very own signature coaching program. 

How To Create & Sell $1K - $10K Coaching Packages....Even If You've Never Created A Premium Package Or Billed More Than $100 An Hour Before!

It’s time to stop selling yourself—and your talents—short! Learn how to uplevel your coaching biz and start commanding top-dollar fees…

There are 4 steps to creating premium packages and each one is covered in great detail in this training. 

Step one is learning to think (and act) like a high-end coach. 

Step two is all about presenting yourself and your business in a way that leaves no doubt as to your expertise and coaching skills.

You’ll work discover the types of packages high-end clients expect—and that you can easily create.

And finally, you'll learn how to sell without being "salesy" and how to get excited, enthusiastic new clients. 

Earn More In One Day Than You do In One Month Of Conventional One-One Coaching ..... With Client VIP Days!

If you’ve ever considered offering VIP days to your clients (or even if you haven’t) now is the time to leap into that powerful marketplace. Your clients—even if they haven’t asked you yet—are looking for the radical changes that can only come from these focused programs.

And best of all, when you offer VIP days, your income will grow exponentially. You’ll be able to work with fewer clients, put in fewer hours per week, and take home more money than you are now—just by concentrating your efforts into tightly focused day-long events.

I’ll show you exactly how to plan and set up your own VIP days in this 4 part program.  

Follow Up Formula: How To Get High End Clients

This course will teach you how to use the magic of follow-up to land high-end coaching clients. 

No more grappling with "bottom of the barrel" clients who complain about your rates. This program will teach you how to get top-notch clients who see your worth and who love working with you. 

Signature Programs That Sell

How to Quickly and Easily Create a Hot-Selling Program Your Market Will Happily Pay Top Dollar For!

Learn the Secret That Top-Selling Coaches Know About Creating Epic Selling Courses & Put Your Income On Autopilot. 

Six-Figure Coach Money Mindset

Discover The Mindset Strategies Top Coaches Use to Move From Overworked & Underpaid to Successful & Financially Free!

You will learn:

  • How To Change Your Money Story
  • Let go of your limiting beliefs around money
  • Become comfortable with being wealthy

Workshop Secrets

This program will teach you how to get a year's worth of clients & income in 3 days by hosting live workshops. 

Grab Your Six-Figure Coach Business Bundle Now!

Grab Your Six-Figure Coach Business Building Bundle now and start building your six-figure coaching practice today!


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