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7 Reasons To Create Your Own Course

Online courses are all the rage right now. eBooks and physical homestudy courses are outdated and the number of online course platforms continues to proliferate. 

If you've thinking of creating your own online course, then this article will give you several reasons why you should. 

1. Generate an income. This is the most obvious reason and the one that most course creators think of first.

2. You can reach a wider audience.

3. eCourses have a higher perceived value than a book or an eBook.

You can repackage the exact same information that's in an eBook or a physical book into a course and sell it for ten times the price.

4. Online courses are easy to update.

With a book or even an eBook, once it's out there it's really hard to update.  People already have it on their bookshelves or hard drives and unless they purchase an updated version (in the case of a physical book) or download an updated version (in the case of an eBook), it's really hard to make changes. 


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