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Are You Keeping Things Fresh With These 5 Types Of Blog Posts

Blog posts come in many different forms and lengths. If you want to keep your blog fresh and interesting, you should post often. Creating different types of blog posts will keep your audience interested. It will also keep you from being bored with your blog. Whether you are blogging to make money directly from the blog or blogging to drive traffic to an affiliate program, you should know about these five kinds of blog posts.


Review blog posts can help you monetize your blog. When you review a product and include an affiliate link, you’ll make a commission off of each sale generated with your affiliate link. Review blog posts should go over some of the major pluses and minuses of the product. Even if you loved the product, you should keep your review balanced by mentioning a few things that could have been improved. Your audience will appreciate your honesty and be more likely to trust your recommendation.


Quick tips are great...

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Welcome To The Wealthy Muslimah Academy Blog.


Assalamu Alaykum and welcome to The Wealthy Muslimah Business Academy.

The aim of this blog is to show fellow Muslimah's how to earn a 100% halal income online, from the comfort of their own homes.

I want to give Muslim women all around the world the tools to empower themselves so that they can earn a halal income without having to compromise their primary roles of mother and wife.

On the business side of things I will be sharing great products I come across, sharing money making advice, telling you what to avoid, and more.

I will be discussing various topics such as blogging, eCommerce, eBay, selling information products, affiliate marketing and more. In addition to that I will be sharing tons of great information on how to achieve a balanced life and how to get it all done and still have some time left over for yourself.

But that's not all. I will also be sharing duas to read for barakah in your income and for increase in your wealth as well as other topics related to Islam and...

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