The Beginners Guide To Sponsored Blog Posts

A sponsored post is a post that a  blogger has received payment to publish (by the sponsor) and that has been written with the intent of promoting a particular product. 

So, in other words, companies pay bloggers to write blog posts about their products. Many bloggers make quite a bit of money from sponsored posts on their blog. 

Let's take a look at the pro's and con's of a sponsored post:

Pro's Of Sponsored Posts:

  • Sponsored posts can earn you quite a bit of money. Depending on the amount of traffic you get to your blog you can earn anywhere from $50 - $6,500 per post.
  • It's great to endorse products that you believe in. 
  • You can get to try products and experiences that you may otherwise not have had.

Con's Of Sponsored Posts

  • It's tough to write truly engaging sponsored posts.
  • You may have to write about products you don't really like.
  • You have deadlines to meet.
  • If your blog is filled with sponsored posts, readers may be turned off.
  • Your review posts may have nothing to do with the actual topic of your blog.

5 Tips For Writing Sponsored Posts Well.

1. Let your personality come through in the posts. Write in the same tone that your regular blog readers have to come to know and love.

2. Be honest and transparent. Your readers are smart and they can "smell" a fake post a mile away.

Being fake will only alienate your readers. 

3. Include lots of product photos, especially of the product in action. Advertisers love these and they make the post more interesting too. 

4. Add value to your readers by doing product giveaways. 

5. Always mention that it's a sponsored blog post. You can do this at the bottom of the post by saying something like "This post was sponsored by (brand)." 


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