Take This One Simple Action To Overcome Information Overload Forever

I have a confession to make. I'm an information junkie. I have more courses than I think it's possible to even go through in a lifetime. And I want more!!!

Give me a choice between a pair of new shoes and the latest Internet Marketing course and I'll take the course any time. I have hundreds of Kindle books I've purchased but still haven't gotten around to reading.

And I've bookmarked more blog posts and articles to read than anyone else I know. Whenever I want to learn about a new topic, I fully immerse myself in it. The only problem is that the amount of information out there on any given topic is overwhelming.

Just recently, I was diagnosed with Hashimotos disease (an autoimmune disease where the immune system attacks the thyroid gland). Of course, I turned to trusty Dr. Google to find out more. There was so much information out there that I soon became utterly and totally overwhelmed. Eventually, I chose one book and one podcast to focus on and learn from. Later on I can always read other books and blogs. But for now, just two resources I can easily consume.

When I think back, this is exactly what had me "spinning my wheels" when I first started online way back in 2008. I kept wanting to learn everything there was to know about a topic, let's say article marketing (which was all the rage back then). I wanted to take every course, read every article and listen to every podcast on the topic. Crazy, I know! I kept learning but seldom applying anything I had learned.

I have spoken to many entrepreneurs and many of them have the same problem, but perhaps not as bad as I did.

Information overload plagues everyone , especially those who are in search of that "golden nugget" - that one piece of information or advice that could propel you to the success you so desperately desire.

There's so much great information out there that it's easy to keep consuming more and more without taking action on what you've learned already.

I myself fell prey to this (and I still so from time to time).

I love learning new things and I started taking course after course (for later on when I might need it).

The way for me to overcome this was to learn only what I needed to learn in order to take the next step. If I wasn't doing Facebook ads at the moment and had no plan to do them for the next six months, then I wasn't going to purchase a course on Facebook ads.

I also had to give up the idea that I needed to take every course on a topic, watch every video or read everything I could on a topic.

Much of the information from one course to another is the same. So now I learn and apply one course, then only if I feel the need for additional information do I take another course on the topic.

If you're also caught up in the cycle of constant learning, then I challenge you to change your mindset from "just in case" learning to "just in time" learning. This means that from now on you don't learn something "just in case" you may need it later. In most cases, by the time you're ready to apply it, you will have forgotten most of it and you'll have to relearn it anyway. Rather adopt the mindset of "just in time" learning - learning enough to take the next step, nothing more.

And then apply what you've learned. Take action on each piece of new knowledge before you acquire the next one. Restated, that means that you don't learn anything new until you've applied what you've learned.

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