Sponsored Posts: How To Write Product Reviews That Delight Both The Reader & The Big Brands You're Working With.

There's a delicate balancing act required to write a sponsored post that delights readers and the big brands you're working with. You need to keep reader's engaged and happy on the one hand, and you need to keep the big brand you're working with happy on the other hand. 

Here are 10 tips for writing sponsored review posts that keep everyone smiling and that add cash to your bank account at the same time.

1. Stay on the right side of the law by starting every review with a disclosure statement. It doesn't have to be anything complicated. Something as simple as "This review post has been sponsored by ABC Company, but any opinions expressed in the post are my own." 

2. Weave your own personal experience with the product into a story. Story style reviews are far more appealing and enjoyable for your reader and will often get them engaging with you and commenting on your post. Brands love this sort of engagement, so it's a win-win for everyone. 

You can mention how you discovered the product, what problem or challenge it solved for you, your own experience with the product and so on.


3. The pictures should support your review. 

Good review articles have a minimum of 3 photographs. At the very least, you should have a picture of the product, a picture of a person using the product (you or someone else) and a picture demonstrating the results you got from the product. 

4. Weave useful content into the review. 

People should gain more out of the review than just learning more about the product. So add some tips, strategies etc. into the review to make it even more valuable to the reader.

5. Tell people where they can buy the product with a link to it. All the better is it's an affiliate link do that you can make a commission. 

6. If you didn't like the product or it didn't suit your family, rather than write a negative review, say who the product might be ideal for. 

For example, let's say that you're writing a a sponsored post review about a face cream. You found the product rather heavy and a bit greasy for your normal skin. 

So you say can say something like "This rich cream is perfect for someone with really dry skin." instead of saying that "I hate this cream. It was way to heavy and greasy." You get the same point across but in a kinder, gentler way.

7. Optimize the post for the keywords the company wants to be known for. 

Use those words in the title, tags and in descriptions in the post.

Also include at least one link to the company from the brand's name. Every link to the company should be a no-follow link.

8. End the sponsored post with a question that invites readers to interact and get the discussion going. Brands love it when people talk about their products. 

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