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The last few years have involved a lot of change in my personal life. I am a very, very different person from who I was a mere year or two ago. Often, it's the most difficult and challenging times in our lives that lead to the greatest personal growth. 

Having come through that experience as a completely different person has led me to reevaluate a lot of things in my life. More than anything I want a fresh start and this requires letting go of things that no longer resonate with me...things that are no longer in alignment with who I am and more importantly, with who I am becoming. 

Over the past few weeks, I've been seriously re-evaluating my websites and my business and the direction I want to take in the new decade. 

As a serial entrepreneur and someone who has a serious close of entrepreneurial ADD, I live creating information products and starting new websites in different niches. 

The problem with juggling multiple projects is that it leads to burnout, exhaustion and a point where your entire life is consumed with work. And that's where I've been for the past several years. And it's time to change that. 

Worse yet, having multiple projects going at once means that I'm not fully serving people I'm passionate about helping. 

So I've made some tough decisions and decided to cut a number of projects and shut down several websites. 

My focus is going to be on coaching and I'm working on expanding my offerings including coming up with several new certifications including a business coaching certification, a kids and teens program and more.....lots of exciting new projects in the pipeline. 

But in order to make time for that, I'm going to be retiring several very popular products including my Beginner's Blogging Blueprint, which was one of my best-selling programs to date. 

But before I take it off the market, I wanted to give you an opportunity to get the the products for up to 90% off. 

This is a limited time offer and it's only valid until the 20th March. After that, the programs will be removed from the market and will no longer be available for sale. 

(You, of course, will have lifelong access to the product if you've purchased it). 

Below is a list of the products that I will be retiring 

Normal Price $497 - Now Just $97! 

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Wealthy Muslimah Online Business Bundle 

A collection of 17 programs to help you to start & launch an online business, how to get more traffic, how to build your list with free giveaways, how to write salescopy that converts, how to run Facebook ads, how to manage an online business, how to get free publicity for your online business and more....

The cost of this bundle was $497 but you can get it for only $97! That works out to $3.59 per program, which is insane value that you won't get anywhere else

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VIP Business Builder Bundle 

This is a collection of 36 short planners or execution plans as I like to call them. No need for lengthy, time consuming courses. The planners take you step by step through the many different aspects of building an online business. 

Included is an affiliate marketing planner, business personality assessment, blog content planner, email marketing planner, Instagram marketing planner, LinkedIn planner, weekly newsletter planner, social media marketing execution plan, product launch planner, keynote speech planner, book brainstorming planner and more...

The cost was $97 but you can get it now for just $37! That's just over $1 per planner!!!

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Offer ends on the 20th March 2020.

So if you've want to learn about any aspect of building an online business, then now is the time to buy. 

Remember that you have lifelong access to the products. 

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