How To Think Like A Successful Blogger

Bloggers who make a great income from their blogs think differently from bloggers who are making very little (if anything at all) from their blogs.

Successful bloggers tend to think of themselves as entrepreneurs, whereas unsuccessful bloggers tend to regard their blog more as a hobby than a business.

If you're still stuck in the mindset of a hobby blogger, then you don't need to wait until you make any money from your blog in order to call yourself a professional blogger.

Looking at your blog as a business rather than a hobby changes everything.

Businesses are serious. You set aside time to work on your business, whereas a hobby is something you do in your spare time....if you're in the mood. 

Businesses also make money whereas with hobbies, you're spending money. 

And just like a real business, you have to do things that you may not feel like doing in that moment. 

Writing may be the last thing you feel like doing, but because of the role you have assumed, the role of a professional blogger, you do it anyway.

You may not feel like getting up at 5:00 am to work on your blog on a cold winter morning, but you know that's the only chance you'll get to work on your business that day. 

As a pro-blogger, your focus needs to change from yourself to your audience. 

No longer can you write a whole blog post about your 4 year old's birthday party, complete with pictures of the cake, the decor and the pony rides.....unless your blog is about birthday parties!

Save that for social media and get serious about providing real value to your audience. 

What problems does your target audience have and how can you help them to solve it?

You've also got to be consistent. producing high quality content consistently. And promoting that content consistently as well. 

Just like an offline business, showing up and doing what needs to be done is key. 

This reminds me of a butchery that opened up in my hometown. I was so happy that a halal butcher had opened up and that I wouldn't have to drive 30 minutes away to buy halal meat.

In the beginning, the store was really busy. But then I noticed that he was closed on many days for no reason other than he didn't feel like opening. 

I soon gave up going there, as did many of the other customers. 

A few months down the line, he closed down due to lack of business. 

The same thing is true with your blog. If you only post once or twice a month, why should people come back to your blog? They have no reason to.

That doesn't mean that you need to write a new post everyday. But it does mean that you have to be consistent. You can't publish 7 posts one week and then write nothing for the next 3 months. 

What I like to do is to have several blog posts pre-written and ready to publish for those times when life gets too hectic and I don't have a chance to write. 

Set a posting schedule and stick to it. Especially if you write and publish themed posts, your readers will come to expect those types of posts. 

You should also not have more than 8 related categories on your blog. So if you have a gardening blog, for example, you're not going to have scrapbooking as one of your categories. 

You also want to keep your blog very tightly focused and niched. 

If it's a blog that's about making money online, then you're not going to write an article about choosing a food franchise, for example.

A lifestyle blog, by it's nature, is wider in scope. But again, choose a maximum of 8 categories to focus on and stick to those topics. Choose those topics you most enjoy writing about. 

Now that you have great content, you've got to start promoting that content. 

Successful bloggers spend 20% of their time creating content and then 80% of time promoting that content. 

And just like real businesses, it's going to take time to build your blog. 

And finally, if you're still on free hosting, please get your own domain and hosting. 

It's truly inexpensive and honestly, you can't expect other people to take you seriously when you don't take yourself seriously. 

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