5 Outdated Blogging Tactics That No Longer Work.....And What To Do Instead.

Are you blogging like crazy and following all the promotional tactics the guru's say you should and your blog still isn't going anywhere? 

Before you decide to quit blogging all together, maybe you should take another look at your promotional tactics. Perhaps you're using outdated tactics that worked a few years ago, but no longer work today. 

Sadly, these techniques are still being presented as being effective promotional tactics, even though they are no longer as effective as they once were and there are far better alternatives out there. 

So let's take a look at what these outdated tactics are and what you should be doing instead.

Outdated Tactic # 1: Believing That Content Is The Holy Grail of Blogging Success.

There's no disputing that great content is very important, even essential for your blog to succeed. But if that's all you're relying on, thinking that "if you build it, they will come" you're going to be waiting a looong time.....like maybe forever!

I fell prey to this line of thinking and it wasn't until I heard Derek Halpern of SocialTriggers.com say that a successful blog was only 20% content and 80% promotion. That meant that you has to spend 20% of your time on creating content and then 80% of time promoting that content. 

If you've been doing it the other way around, then it's no surprise that your blog isn't getting the traffic you would like it to. 

So what can do you instead?

Write less and promote more. 

Follow the strategies in this infographic to get the word out about your blog. 

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Source: How to Promote Your Blog and Make it Viral (Infographic)


Outdated Tactic # 2: Thinking You're Going To Make A Fortune By Placing Ads On Your Site

This is a tactic that worked poorly way back when it did work and it's a complete waste of time now. 

In order to earn a decent income from ads on your site, you need a ton of traffic to your site in the first place. With all the competition that already exists in any given niche, this is a very, very difficult task. And the meager earnings from ads hardly makes it worth the effort. 

What Can You Do Instead? 

There are 3 monetization methods that I recommend because you don't need a ton of traffic in order to make a ton of money.

They are:

1. Promoting affiliate products - These could be either physical products or digital products that you promote for a commission. 

So let's say you have a weight-loss blog. You can promote weight loss supplements and diet books (physical products). You could also promote online weight-loss programs or a subscription to a monthly exercise program (digital products).

The key to succeeding with affiliate programs is to promote products that are highly relevant to your niche. So don't promote a home decorating program on your weight loss blog, for example. 

2. Sell Your Own Information Products - personally, this is my favorite business model and the one I have built my online business around.

You can create online courses, write eBooks or create audio or video training programs as well. 

If the idea of creating information products sounds appealing to you, then enroll in my free course, Infoproduct Basics For Newbies. It will show you how to go from idea to infoproduct in 5 easy steps. 

3. Offering services - You could offer coaching, consulting, web or graphic design, freelance writing, virtual assistant or any number or personal or business related services. 

If coaching sounds like something you'd be interested in, then check out my free Coaching 101 course. It will teach you the basics of coaching and answer all your most common questions regarding coaching as well. 

You can incorporate all three monetization methods into your business model, as many of the top earners online do. 


Outdated Tactic # 3: Guest Blogging For Huge Media Sites

Whilst it's a huge credibility builder to say you've been featured on Huffington Post or some other mainstream publication, it often does little to nothing to bring in hordes of traffic to your site.

If you're dreaming of writing an article for Huffington Post and then watching your servers crash because of the hoards of traffic that will be coming to your site, stop right there. 

This may have been an effective tactic a while back, but as these mainstream sites have grown, they are now churning out an astounding amount of content (most of it from bloggers like you, hoping for a "big break"). The problem is that it's far harder for your blog to stand out among the 30 or more posts published that day. 

Of course, the possibility always exists that they may feature you on their homepage and you could go viral and end up with more traffic that you can imagine.

But that's pretty unlikely. 

So What Can You Do Instead?

Instead of targeting huge media sites, look for smaller blogs that are highly targeted to your niche. 

So if you have a recipe blog, for example, look for popular recipe blogs that have a large and engaged audience.  

Then approach them about writing a guest blog post. You'll get far more traffic with this approach. 

An added benefit is that these blogs are usually run by one person, a single influencer. Guest blogging can help to establish and build a relationship with them, which can open a number of doors for you down the line. 

They will be more likely to share your other posts, they may be willing to promote your products and they may introduce you to other influencers in your niche.  

If you want to publish a blog post on Huffington Post or Forbes Business solely for the credibility, then do so, knowing full well that it's probably not going to be generating you any significant amount of traffic. 


Outdated Tactic # 4: Writing For The Search Engines Rather Than For Readers 

Gone are the days when you could churn out poorly written blog posts stuffed with keywords and then rank highly for your chosen keyword. 

Google wants to give readers the most relevant, valuable content about whatever topic they're searching for. This is what their whole business model is based on. 

The key word is valuable and they are always working on getting better and better at giving readers exactly what they're searching for. 

Instead of relying solely on keywords in order to determine the relevance of a site, Google now also looks at factors like how long a visitor stays on a page, the bounce rate (this is the percentage of readers who leave your site after just visiting one page - the lower this number, the better) and the quality and length of the content. 

What To Do Instead?

Instead of churning out low-quality 300 word blog posts designed to game the search engines, rather focus on writing quality content that visitors will enjoy reading. 


 Outdated Traffic Tactic # 5: Trying To Drive Traffic To Your Blog By Commenting On Other Blogs.

Gone are the days when you could leave a comment with a link on popular blogs in your niche and watch the traffic roll in.

With the explosion of content, we're all drowning in information. Nobody has the time to scroll through the comments section and find your link. 

Yes, sure you may get a click or two, but it's hardly worth your time and effort.

What Can You Do Instead? 

Comment intelligently and strategically. Don't comment because you want to drive traffic to your site. Rather comment in order to get noticed and build a relationship with the blogger in question. 

That way, when you ask them to share your post or to promote your product, they will be more receptive because they've noticed you. 

So start off by finding the top 7-10 blogs in your niche and focus on those. 

When they publish a new article, try to be one of the first people to make a comment. Do this time after time. 

The key to making comments work is to add value with your comments. 

Posting lame things like "Great post" is going to do nothing to get you noticed. Instead, take the time to read the article and think of how you can add value to what they have written.

Maybe you have some additional insights you'd like to share. Or perhaps you have some personal experience that is relevant to what they've written. 

Whatever you choose to do, strive to add value with your comments and use commenting as a tool to build relationships with the influencers in your niche. 


I hope this post has given you some food for thought and armed you with some powerful, new strategies that you can try to promote your blog. 

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 Do you have any blogging tactics that you're currently using that are working like gangbusters that I haven't included in the post? Please feel free to share them below. In addition, I'd love to know if this post changed your blogging promotional strategy moving forward.

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