5 Proven Psychological Secrets To Writing Better Blog Headlines

Did you know that you can use proven psychological principles to write better headlines? Yes, you can. Here's how.

No 1: Use a Variety Of Different Types Of Headlines.
Don't overuse one type of headline. If people come to your blog and they see 3-4 How-To blog headlines in a row, they're likely to lose interest. Vary the style and length of your headlines to keep things interesting.

No 2: Pare Down To The Essentials
Part of writing a good headline (or writing anything else well for that matter) is to use the minimum number of words to get your message across. Less is more in the world of headlines. That's because shorter headlines tend to be more impactful than those that are too long and wordy.

No 3: Write In An Active Voice.
Try, as far as possible, to write in an active voice rather than in a passive voice. So instead of Writing Killer Headlines as your blog post title, make it How To Write Killer Headlines. Adding the How To in front of the headline changes it from passive voice to active voice.

No 4: Write as if you're talking to one person.
This applies to all your writing, not just to your blog headlines. Even though hundreds (and possibly thousands) of people will read your blog post, you need to write as if you're writing to one person. It helps to imagine that you're sitting across the table from one person (who represents your ideal prospect) and then write as if you're speaking to that person. Write in a conversational tone, just as if you're sitting down to have a cup of coffee together.

No 5: Add Personal Pronouns To Your Blog Headline
Write as if you are writing to one person by using personal pronouns such as you and your. Adding personal pronouns to your blog headlines are also a powerful way to capture the attention of your prospect. An example of a headline that combines the power of personal pronouns with the intrigue of asking questions could be Are You Making These Mistakes In Blogging?

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