5 Proven Blog Headline Templates

Just plug one of these proven blog headline templates into your blog and you'll have an irresistible blog headline in less time than it took you to read this sentence.

Your blog headline is vitally important for several reasons:

First, your headline is what determines whether someone will read your post or skip it. Secondly, your headline plays a key role in how well your blog post ranks in the search results. Strategic use of keywords can help your blog to rank higher in the search engines.

Speaking of search results, your title will determine whether people click through to your post when you show up in the results. Fourthly, your title also determines how your article shows up on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook etc as well as on RSS readers.

And finally, if you;re sending your latest blog post out to your list, you may want to use your blog headline as a subject line. And of course, the more compelling your subject line, the more likely it is that they'll click on the link and read your blog.

Now that you know how important a good blog headline is, let me share some proven headline templates that you can use to write captivating blog headlines.

The How-To Headline
How-To headlines are always popular because people are always searching for how to do something. If your blog post teaches people how to do something, then you can't go wrong with a how-to headline.

Here are some examples.

How To Organize Your Home Office

How To Save $300 On Your Grocery Bill Each Month.

A variation on the how-to headline is to use this template - [No of] Ways to [Achieve a Particular Outcome]. So an example of a headline written using that template would be

7 Ways To Eat Healthier On A Budget.


The Why Headline Template
This is another good headline to use. Use it for posts when you're explaining why something is good, bad, dangerous, effective or whatever.

Here are some examples.

Why 98% of Home Based Businesses Fail In The First Year. 

Why Selling Information Products Is The Best Way To Make Money Online.

Why Some People Overcome Childhood Trauma & Others Never Do

A why headline is a curiosity provoking headline and we humans are curious creatures. People will want to know the answer to the "why" and thus they will read your blog post.


Ask A Question
A question headline is another good option. A question "opens a loop" in the readers mind and the only way to close the loop is to read the post.

An example of a question style blog post would be something like 

Are You Making These 5 Common Mistakes In Your Social Media Marketing?


Use A Context Phrase In Your Headline
With a context phrase headline you place a name, a statement or a phrase just before the headline with a colon or brackets to separate this from the rest of the headline.

[Infographic]: 20 Ways To Promote Your Blog.

Scam Alert: Don't Buy A Single Make Money Online Product Before You Read This.

Blog Promotion Checklist: How To Promote The Heck Out Of Your Next Blog Post.


List Headline
The list headline is another popular headline format. This works will with a list-style blog post.

Some examples of list style blog posts are:

7 Ways To Lose Weight Without Dieting

12 Secrets To Successfully Homeschooling Preschoolers

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